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    • This one – no, and the sensor information is not fused in any way. Actually, I would suggest using quaternion implementation rather than Kalman filter like here http://www.himix.lt/?p=915 (sensor fusion is done here), when you use the array of 3 sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer). The use of Kalman filter would not provide noticeable improvements over quaternions (I’ve did lot’s of experimentation).
      BUT! If you use only one sensor, for instance, accelerometer, I would recommend using Kalman filter.
      I’m planing to make KF tutorial in near future.

  1. RFSPI.cpp.o: In function `SPIClass::begin()’:
    C:UsersMathiDocumentsArduinolibrariesRF/SPI.cpp:24: undefined reference to `SPIClass::pinMode(unsigned char, unsigned char)’
    C:UsersMathiDocumentsArduinolibrariesRF/SPI.cpp:25: undefined reference to `SPIClass::pinMode(unsigned char, unsigned char)’
    C:UsersMathiDocumentsArduinolibrariesRF/SPI.cpp:26: undefined reference to `SPIClass::pinMode(unsigned char, unsigned char)’
    C:UsersMathiDocumentsArduinolibrariesRF/SPI.cpp:28: undefined reference to `SPIClass::digitalWrite(unsigned char, unsigned char)’
    C:UsersMathiDocumentsArduinolibrariesRF/SPI.cpp:29: undefined reference to `SPIClass::digitalWrite(unsigned char, unsigned char)’
    C:UsersMathiDocumentsArduinolibrariesRF/SPI.cpp:30: undefined reference to `SPIClass::digitalWrite(unsigned char, unsigned char)’

    • Please provide more info/details on this error. What did you do, did you copied the library folder into proper folder etc.

    • Sorry, but I do not sell the book, you can try and search it on ebay, there’s plenty of other similar books related to augmented reality technology.

  2. I dnt want book. I want the packages and that u used. Like games and all.. If you can provide them it will be really helpful.

    • This book goes together with DVD disc in which you find the Augmented Reality software. It might be games, it might be some other exciting things related to Augmented Reality. So this is only DEMO of the book with games that someone else developed.

  3. I want to make final year btech project on agumnet reality so i need such things. You have also mentioned about the ultimate project, what is it ? Can you help me in building a project with me ?

    • I can tell you that Ultimate project won’t be available for free, it is something that I’ve been working and improving for several years, it’s a combination of Augmented Reality and Arduino.

      Tutorials – is the way that I help. You can’t find anything that would fit your idea? What is your idea?

  4. My idea is i want image recogination and text recogination connected with internet. Like if i want to know about a book , i just point my camera on the book cover and it will tell me the reviews. Its basically a part of Sisth sense technology developed by pranav mistry.

    • Image and text recognition is basically solved in my tutorials, but it is all predifined (images, text). If it is all predifined it would be easier. What worries – the search on the internet. But it might be that you want a little bit different application, for example, take any books cover picture, recognize it properly and make a search on the internet?

  5. Hi! I’m new to AR and Unity but I have been a software developer for over 10 years. Thank you in advanced, I will try your tutorial. It looks like a lot of fun! 🙂

  6. Brother can you help me in making virtual dressing room ? If we want to try any dress which is available in any of the shopping website.

  7. hello sir, i m a student i want to develop my own project which is interior designing using marker less augmented reality how can i do that can you give me a demo on that topic which i can use as a reference for my project…. please give me a demo on interior designing using augmented reality…
    actually i m very confused so it would be really great if you help me out so please let me know how it work through your demo for interior designing augmented reality… i have prepared the marker based interior designing by taking reference of your demos but now i want to do it in markerless sooo please give me one demo on it please

  8. sketch_aug14b:32: error: ‘ADXL345’ does not name a type
    sketch_aug14b.ino: In function ‘void setup()’:
    sketch_aug14b:40: error: ‘adxl’ was not declared in this scope
    sketch_aug14b.ino: In function ‘void loop()’:
    sketch_aug14b:46: error: ‘adxl’ was not declared in this scope

    pls any one say how to solve this error…?
    i just download the library and paste it …still im getting this error… what i have to do…
    reply as soon as possiable

    • Are you sure you copied library in the right direction? Could you paste me a path to this library?
      After you copied library did you restart the Arduino itself?

  9. suppose i want to take run time image directly to my application and user can place wherever he want how can i do tht ?? which platform will be suitable for my project?? suppose i want to take image from a online shopping site as input to my application and as output user will see how that interior look like..

    • Just to make it clear, you’re talking about the app using META glasses, right? By saying “runtime image directly” you mean that take a snapshot from camera with augmented content, and place this taken picture in any place you want in augmented reality?

  10. Hello very good job I have this
    Error DllNotFoundException : MetaVisionDLL
    Meta.CanvasTracker.Release ( )
    Meta.CanvasTracker.OnDestroy ( )
    Would know how to fix it . Thank you

  11. Hello, I was wondering if I could use this library on a 2-axis accelerometer. I will download the library now and see if you utilize function overloading so that I can pass in only values for the x and y axis; but if not, do you have any ideas? I have a 2-axis accelerometer that is hooked up for I2C ONLY. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or advice. Thank you. -Joe

    • ADXL345 is a 3-axis accelerometer and using the library provided, you should not have problems in acquiring that information. I2C works perfectly for that.

  12. Instead of making confusion with words this is what i want to create an android application for interior designing with augmented reality….
    …. i want to create an android application in which the user can buy the furniture from the online shopping sites and by using my app user will be able to see the augmented view of those furniture at their place and if they like it than they can purchase it… i hope this time i m clear what i want to say…

      • hmm ya i know its not so simple n so easy.. but i want to do it.. not for a particular output but for sake of knowledge please can you guide me for this?? i will do my best.. just guide me i will work hard on it… please..

        • My guidance is the tutorials I make. Just be patient and I think fragment by fragment you will be able to build what you want.

  13. okay thanks… but i have to submit it as my college project so let me know from where should i start??? which platform will be suitable for my project and what should i do first?? just let me know that means i will be able to start my work …

  14. Hi, greetings from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil! First, I wanna thank you for all your tutorials, I am trying to learn more about Unity3D since I started to watch your videos. But I have this question: If I want to use my smartphone as a stereo glasses with augmented reality, does Vuforia generate an output app for this? Thanks once again and I hope your ideas help to transform our world into a better place!

    • Hello, Ricardo. Thank you for kind words.
      Actually I don’t know the answer, I haven’t done anything alike so far. I mean I didn’t tried to use smartphone as AR glasses. But if you find some useful info on internet later on while researching, please let me know, I’m interested in everything related to AR.

  15. Hi i have one query after taking screenshot this screen shot is not save into gallary.so is their any solution for this.

    • Yeah, it’s not in the gallery, but it’s somewhere in your device’s memory. If you know how to modify this code in order to send the pictures to the gallery, please, let us all know! So far I achieved this (saving pictures to gallery) only by using Unity3D assets/plugins, which comes with a price.

  16. Hi. I have downloaded Processing 3. When I run simpleLite the following error is shown in the console. “No library found for processing.video
    Libraries must be installed in a folder named ‘libraries’ inside the ‘sketchbook’ folder.”
    Any Solution

  17. Hi,
    I don’t have any camera on my computer, athough I would like to use the camera of my mobilephone, is it possible to make the program search for IP address of a camera?

  18. i downloaded your project from this site
    only one object is view at a time i want to run as in your video
    i run app in android mobile any setting require to run app in multi object mode

    • I would suggest to start recognizing Kuriboh card firstly, after that blue eyes white dragon. Actually, Kuriboh card has not so many good tracking features. Before using the app on android did you test in Unity3D play mode? I would suggest you do it so and check it out how well multitracking is accomplished.

    • Thanks! Actually I don’t plan to make a tutorial on google glass as I don’t have them. I have AR META glasses as I’ve seen more potential in it. Who knows what future will bring 🙂

  19. hello, i been trying to making Cylinder Target based on your tutorial

    and while i’m trying upload the SIDE image on vuforia target manager, it failed saying the image Euforia of Beauty Logo dont match the dimension, cant you post the tutorial how to measure the image so it can be uploaded on target manager

    • I’ve added rescaled image (Download # Print Euforia of Beauty Logo to Augment the Content and Create the Tracker for Cylindrical Object (*.jpg file)), you can try to upload once again.

  20. hello, i tried to make rotation button on adroid
    but its always looping
    the only way to stop it, is hold the button
    but if i release the button, its looping again

  21. Thanks a ton for all these knowledge sharing and I have become a serious follower of your tutorials and has also subscribed your youtube channel. These tutorials are great assets for people like me who are getting in to AR field.

  22. Hi I am totally new with AR and any software developer ( not a programmer at all), Thank you, I test it out and it works. But I have a question, If I want to use my own 360 picture, how can I upload it and use it?

    • I’m not sure what you mean “360 picture”, but it is shown in this video how to upload the image. Just change the Logo to your own picture.

  23. Hi, Thank you for the tutorial, it is a really good kick start for someone who is totally new and want to learn like me. However, I have a question, after doing everything you did in the video, when pressing play, how do I like it to my android? Are there any videos you did which explains?

  24. Hi,
    Thank you for the tutorial video, it is a really kick start for someone totally new like me.
    It would be great if you can help me with my question.
    After doing everything you did in the video with a PC, and press play button, how do I link the program to my android device?

  25. I have been trying to run this code for hours but for some reason the Arduino 1de ver 1.6.5 on windows 10 cannot find HMC5883L.h. I’ve placed copies of the library in the main library, the sketch book library and the hardware library but it continues not to find it. I also used the library manager. help

    • Hi, I have windows 10 x64, I tested it right now and it works perfectly. Make sure that the library directories looks something similar to this:

      not to this:

      Depending on how you extract the libraries, it might have two same folders one in another (HMC5883L_libraryHMC5883L_library\HMC5883L_Example) so I assume Arduino can’t recognize it.

  26. hello..
    how can i make the button when click on it, the model will duplicate/added and another button that will remove the model..

  27. Hi, I don’t know why but arduino software don´t recognize the ADXL345 library. The program shows it in black instead of orange.
    The folder is in this directory: C:UsersLeyreDocumentsArduinolibrariesADXL345_library with the other libraries (which it recognizes well) and the folder ADXL345_library is not duplied.
    Nevertheless, when compiling the software doesn´t show any error.
    Any idea? I need help please.

    • First you said it does not recognize the library, but then you say that it “doesn’t show any error”. I don’t understand. How do you know that it can’t recognize the library without the errors written?

  28. Thank you for answering.
    The programm shows the library and all the functions related to accelerometer in black instead of orange whereas the rest are in orange. Isn’t that weird?
    Nevertheless it compiles and I can upload the programm to the Arduino UNO Board (although the data adquired is really weird).

    • That’s really weird, it’s hard to suggest something right now, but answer to this question: do you really use GY-85 board? yes or no?
      This is important because I had some weird data readings while using board with only accelerometer alone and I couldn’t find the solution for that.

  29. Maybe colors of the text have no importance. The fact is that I’m pretty new using Arduino, I’m still learning basic things.

    Another question, how can I get angles between -180 and 180 degrees? I have confusing data in the serial monitor

  30. Hi again,
    I have been trying the code the entire day but i don’t understand the outputs.
    I want the angles in degrees. On the one hand i get the rolldeg and pitchdeg between 20 and -20 instead 90 and -90 degrees.
    On the other hand when i show anglegx, anglegy and anglegz i get signals which change even when the Imu is stationary.
    I would like to add to your code a complementary filter but with those output data i can’t.
    I have watched the video and it seems to me that output data shown are correct but i don’t get the same.
    Could you help me please? I’m a little desperate because my project depends on an good measurement of the angles.
    Best regards and sorry about the mess

    • If you would send me some pictures of the sensor wiring to arduino microcontroller and screenshots of error in the program maybe I will be able to help you.

  31. Hi Edger , thanks for this great Tutorials ,
    it had been a great help ,
    i’m just wondering why you don’t had Audio in this Tutorials speaking for what you do and explaining it provide mush more help

    • Thanks for your reply, I really need a tutorial on how to use vuforia and cardboard SDK.

      The app would scan the image target to track the AR world, and the user would be giving a button that when looked at will teleport the user into the VR world and Vice verser. just like the vuforia sample.

      would be expecting the tutorial soon.

  32. I am having the same problem after checking it in error this variable :
    ADXL345 adxl; //variable adxl is an instance of the ADXL345 library

    Arduino_AccelerometerADXL345_Servos:32: error: ‘ADXL345’ does not name a type
    Arduino_AccelerometerADXL345_Servos.ino: In function ‘void setup()’:
    Arduino_AccelerometerADXL345_Servos:40: error: ‘adxl’ was not declared in this scope
    Arduino_AccelerometerADXL345_Servos.ino: In function ‘void loop()’:
    Arduino_AccelerometerADXL345_Servos:46: error: ‘adxl’ was not declared in this scope

    Can speak step by step how to resolve this error?

  33. Hello sir
    I want that sensor can you provide me link to get the sensor shock module. The sensor is very important for project of bachelor.
    Thank you

  34. Hello! Student studying physical computing here. To run by “dropping in,” are there any constraints for dimensions/scale or file size for the OBJ model?

    • If your *.OBJ model size is huge, most likely, the model itself is really complex and has lots of vertices/polygons. I don’t know the exact constraints on this matter, it also depends on your computer specifications. You should sort this thing by experimenting with the models you have (if it’s really complex).

  35. hello when I move the fast sensor, servo motor lock and does not follow the movement, and is making a noise (tec tec tec) in the servo motor, and then resetting it back to normal, you can say what can be ?
    I’m using servomotor Towerpro MG946R direct 5v power by the Arduino.

  36. Hello! good day!I am a beginner and i need your help please help me. I downloaded ur code ,i have the adxl345 3-axis digital acceleromter and 2 Servo motors. i connected the ryt connections u’ve indicated above. But like other reviews say, there are some errors….what should i do sir? and where should i start…..i dont understand the library stuffs u mentioned..what library is it?where could i find it??and where to copy

    • Hi, from 0 to 12 seconds in the video, I’ve shown where to put the library folder. Do it so, and use the code. Good luck.

    • For starters, I didn’t make the app for this book, this is only a DEMO of what other developers did. I haven’t tried yet, but one of the users provided a link (Vuforia standalone) in order to make vuforia work on PC platform. However, I haven’t tried it yet and right now I can’t find the link it’s somewhere in one of the tutorials comments place.

  37. Hi, I already made those examples but I have a question do you know about the Dragon Board 410c, I want to play mi app in those board but I installed the Ubuntu Linaro but my app doesn’t work with this … Do you know or do you export and play some of your apps with some other board ??

  38. HI
    i will buy the meta dev kit1 next Time. I have a question to your work

    with which Prgramm you make this videos ?

    On the Videos the FOV is extrem Big ! Is this alone on the video or on the Meta to ? I have a bt-200 an this device have an smale FOV on the near distance.

    Have you contact with META when appears dev kit 2.

    • I use Techsmith Snagit and Camtasia.

      I suggest to compare the specifications of bt-200 and META glasses. I didn’t had the opportunity to use some other AR glasses (only META) so it’s hard to compare, but those who put those META glasses for the first time says that FOV is not so big. So, of course, watching video here, and using it for real is like day and night.

      Can you re-specify the last question?

      • Actually META Glasses use moverio see-through display as their base display. So, the FOV will exactly same between both devices.

    • Actually META Glasses use moverio see-through display as their base display. So, the FOV will exactly same between both devices.

  39. Hi ! Great tutorial but I have stuck on building part … I am doing same as you on movie but my apk is not working on android … it has black screen … I never developed for android and I belive I am missing something in setup. My projetct works great in unity preview, whole building process is ok to [no erroes] but after copying it on device and installing nothing going on. Can u point me in some direction. I need to run project on phone and all seems to be ok but this.
    Thanks a lot!

    • It’s hard to say, but if it’s not “top secret” project send it to me and I’ll take a look. We can start from *.apk file. Maybe it’s a smartphone’s problem. Who knows. It’s also worth googling this problem.

  40. Hi
    Thank you so much… this is very useful to beginners like me.
    I have a one question.
    I tried this with two different object and tried on android device. The issue is my both objects are visualize from starting.. Buttons didnt work…

    • Did you put virtual buttons on textured tracking object? If not, I suggest to make it so. Don’t put virtual buttons on plane without any textures. I hope that helps.

  41. Hallo,
    thx for your answer.
    I think Meta brings in the next Time a new Version of their glasses out. I think the name is DevKit 2.
    Have you any information about this Release ?


  42. Hi, thousand thanks for your code! i tried several not working but this works so perfectly!
    Btw, I will need to interface with two sensor, I dont know how to change the code to measure for two, could you please help me please?

    Thank you so much in advance..Have a great day!


  43. Hi,
    i’m and Interactive Developer using Unity3d, i sincerely need your help on how to integrate Vuforia and Googlecardboard sdk in Unity 3d for Architectural Visualizations.

    Great work with the tutorials.

    Thanks in Advance

    • Hello, John. Haven’t done anything on that yet. But I will soon, you can wait for a tutorial (2 to 3 months), but if you want it to be quicker it won’t be for free.

  44. Yeah!! already buttons are on Textured area..

    But i received at the time of program run. It couldnt find the path of ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll to Unzip the file. I couldn’t understood. I am not programming guy…

    Can you help me?

    Is Csharp is language supports Andorid?
    Sorry it is difficult to me to understand script and do something on it..

  45. After doing everything as in video in Unity 5.2.2 32 bit the unity chan model isn’t rendering in the video. What’s wrong?

  46. Can pls share d code?
    Actually i needed the code with which u had drawn the rectangle around the maker and how to return the coordinates of corners of the marker.

    • Well, actually there is, but it would be more or less a “workaround” that I would not suggest to use. Now what do I mean? basically, you would need to export your model animation for every frame. So most likely you would end up having lots of *.obj files, where you would need to load these models frame by frame in void draw() part.
      Option 2: search for a library that would be able to import animation file (*.fbx file extension). I couldn’t find for a better solution back in these days, but maybe it is available now. Who knows…some research is needed.
      Option 3: Try doing AR tutorial No 14 that involves Unity3D and Vuforia, you can add animations there quite easily.

  47. Thanx for your advice, actually i went through all your videos and the unity ones are quite cool . But actually i am newbie for unity and coding any logic into it is becoming difficult.
    But i will try on the fbx part you told.

  48. hi thanks for all tutorial ,
    I made my ar apk unity+vuforia my mesh model is from my own sketch up models (import fbx to unity). when i try on pc is workin fine, but when i installed it on my smartphone it works but slow response and lag. any suggestion for size ar apk? (mine is 187kb)
    next question… how to make quit button on app ..? thanks ..

  49. hi,
    how can I take another snapshot and not to replace the older one.
    i want to create a snapshot gallery stored on SDcard.

  50. one more.

    now I’m develop ARVR app, is this snapshot button just to snap on-screen interface ?
    is this work on stereoscopic interface ? i want it just a monoscopic(single) image saved.

    *sorry for english

  51. network = 2 devices and 2 User’s Control one Character. I work on this but it is very heave to develop. The Syncronisaton must to be over Network.

    Tut ? you make a Tutorial from this. Download Source ect.

  52. is it possible to give us any info or hint about the making of this demo or can you please mention any reference can we used to learn scripting in unity and achieve same results

  53. yes I know of course you using distance script……thanks……but the main part it’s how to modify the distance script parameters or how to write a new script me by using a playmaker or something else
    what is the best way to learn to script in unity

  54. Hello,
    Is it possible to turn the buttons into virtual ones that can be pressed with your hand like you demonstrated in a another tutorial (No. 19)? I don’t succeed when I try to merge the code UI from this tutorial and the one of Virtual(Vuforia) buttons…

      • I thought it’s just because I’m a lame coder… Is there a way to extend interactions with virtual buttons (Vuforia-Unity)? For instance, jumping to a next scene or playing a video?
        Btw, thanks for all your tutorials, they are very helpful.

          • I will try until I make it, thank you very much!
            There’s one more issue no one could answer at vuforia’s forum: is it possible to trigger a whole environments in which the viewer can dive?
            Should I use extended tracking (the triggered image would be much bigger than the marker) and keep the image target active even when tracking is lost (can I just disable this function to keep it on even if I turn the device/camera in other direction)?
            I’ve read about different plug-ins like Unified Coordinate System that could help building augmented environments… Could you point a direction I should go?

    • I am serious, currently there’s probably even a newer version. This asset was downloaded not from unity asset store, but from leap motion companies website.

  55. Haii .. Thank you so much for this awesome tutorial . By the way, can a particle system be controlled by our 3d object instead of using arduino ? For example, when i click 3d object such as factory, the particle system for an example, smog will emitted.. im trying to make an interaction with my AR project. Really hope you can help me, tho. thank you.

  56. can i implement the app on tablet connected to external camera ????
    and how you track each part of your body???? can Kinect distinguish each part and give it a tag?

    thank you
    waiting for generous reply

    • I don’t know whether external camera can be connected to the tablet, I haven’t tried to do so.
      And yes, Kinect can distinguish different parts of your body, I mean track your body parts/joints, its position and orientation.

  57. hola soy de peru . he vist o los tutoriales de unity3d sitio web y los scripts no son correctos .. gracias admin por la ayuda que nos brindas en tus tutoriales por que los ejemplos de unity web sites no me resultan nada

      • “hello i’m from peru. i visit the tutorials of unity3d on the website and the scripts is not the right… thanks admin for the help that you gave to us on your tutorials because the unity’s examples in the website not help me.”

        -Something like that!, sorry for my bad english too!

  58. sir can i ask about the details of this project? i need some help for my school project..i dont what to buy and how much it will cost..

  59. I’m amazed, I have to admit. Rarely do I encounter a blog
    that’s both educative and entertaining, and without a doubt, you’ve hit the nail on the head.
    The issue is something which too few men and women are speaking intelligently
    about. I’m very happy that I came across this in my hunt for something regarding this.

  60. Hi, I have followed your tutorial and everything works fine in play mode but I cant build project on android.
    Worth to mention that I configured everything like you show on money tutorial and that project works fine … can u help in this matter or is text rec not working on android ?
    Tkanks in advance.

  61. May I ask, what if there is two model in 1 scene? Because your tutorial only have 1 model in 1 scene. Then, what happened to the tag? Can I tag both of my model as Model?

      • I have tried set both character same tag name as Model, but it does not work.

        What happen is only 1 character that scale up and scale down when I click the button, the other one did not happen anything.

        I’m creating a scene that has two character, one person performing CPR and the other person is the patient. I need both character to scale up and scale down at the same time when the button is clicked.

  62. may i know, where does the 3d object skull and iron man come from… can we call another object to be augment on top of the head?

    • I would start from the begging. Firstly test it out whether your Kinect is working properly on PC? Maybe some other sample codes/apps?

    • How to create or how to use already created models?
      You can create models using 3Ds Max, Maya, Blender, SolidWorks and lots of other 3D modelling tools.
      How to use it? you should put the model in data folder and change some Processing code (you will find out if you watch closely).

  63. How do I reset the animation if the target has been detected? It seems that the Animation just pause/continue playing if The target has not been detected.

  64. android ultimate plugin lite seems not free but paid, you got a free asset android ultimate plugin lite for unity3d thanks

  65. hi, great tutorial, so thank you, you help me a lot learning AR, can you help me with one question when i installed it says ok the moneyar.apk but when i open it, the screen get black, and nothing happend 🙁

  66. Great Tutorial thanks, but i want to ask question i developing a vuforia app,
    but when i taking a screenshot using your code my result is only white screen and the Augmented view only with white background can you help me pls?
    sorry for my bad english, thanks

  67. Hi, I did the same way as u did and everything worked. Just that the UI buttons will be on screen even when the image is not tracked. The UI Buttons would just stay at the last place it was tracked. I wanted to do when the image is tracked the buttons appear where the should and when is not tracked it would disappear. Please help. Thanks in advance.

      • Hi first thank you for your job ! sure i have the same problem i did everything but the UI buttons are on the screen doesnt matter, if canvas are in or out ImageTarget the result has same the ui button are always on screen.
        Please help. Thanks you.

      • I have the same problem as Nqb..I have tried making canvas as child of Image Target. But still canvas is rendered onto the screen even if image is not tracked. Can someone please help me out?..Thanks in advance

  68. Hey could you suggest any tutorials for using real world marker input instead of virtual buttons? The plan is to make an application which reads the position of a real world marker and responds based on it’s hovering over a real world button which is printed on the paper page instead of virtual buttons.

    • I already have the content gathered I only need to film it. I’m planning to do so on February and I will upload it on youtube.

  69. I got same problem with Nqb, and i already put the canvas with buttons inside image target, but the result still same, the button still popped out when the marker is lost

  70. hello, thx for the tutorial its helpful 🙂
    as far as i understand the primary surface used to track the scene which could be as the size of a dinning table, what if there is 5 image targets on 5 different places ( not far away), would that extend the size?
    example: lets say i did put 4 image targets at the edges of a table, would they all be tracked at the same time and the “props” would be the same for both? , or each target would define its own scene and props?

    hopefully u can understand what i mean 😀

    • This is something that you will have to test on your own, but I would say each target would have separate “props” not the same. This is my logical guess.

  71. Hi! Thanks in advance for your work! I tested and worked very well.
    I’m looking at the code and I have some stupid question to ask you. I would be glad your feedback. (sorry in advance for the dumb questions.. but I’m not an expert in arduino)
    0.1- the raw output of the acc is what? voltages?(from readAccel)
    0.2-the raw output of the MM is what?
    0.3-the raw output of the gy is what?

    1-line47: reading gyros acc and mm, you have a FOR loop of 201. May I ask you why?
    2-line88: why 255? there is a pre-set offset of 255deg?
    3-line89: why are you dividing by 256 the raw data?
    4-line92->95: I don’t understand what u are doing here.
    5-line113->115: why is divided by 14.375?

    I was looking at you comment in the 15-05-2015. It is interesting: Kalman filter doesnt improve the attitude determination with quaternions. may I disagree? the kalman filter (if well tuned) would improve drastically the representation of the attitude during time, enabling what is so called “smooth” representation.

    Here (http://www.himix.lt/?p=915) are you using just quaternions? no KF? right?
    Have you ever tried to implement it on arduino uno?
    I had rumors that is impossible due to limited memory?

    Thanks in advance for your kind answers,
    I really appreciated your wonderful job! It works nice?

    p.s. do you have an oscilloscope for dumb Macosx users?



    • Hello,

      1. Concerning all first questions – look up some theory on the internet how it works and read sensor datasheets it will answer lots of your questions.
      2. “I was looking at you comment in the 15-05-2015. It is interesting: Kalman filter doesnt improve the attitude determination with quaternions. may I disagree? the kalman filter (if well tuned) would improve drastically the representation of the attitude during time, enabling what is so called “smooth” representation.” – show me some proofs of that “drastical” improvement. Quaternions already have smooth representation.
      3. “Here (http://www.himix.lt/?p=915) are you using just quaternions? no KF? right?” – correct
      4. “Have you ever tried to implement it on arduino uno?” – Yes I have tried it.
      5. “I had rumors that is impossible due to limited memory?” – Wrong, there’s enough memory.
      6. No, I don’t have oscilloscope for Mac.

      Good luck with your work

  72. I am ready to buy… please how can I get code for MF522 and NC door lock latch and Adriano? send details to my email address.

  73. I did everything perfectly but when I rotate the object, it does not rotate on the Y axis but it makes a combination that continuously sends it down making it impossible to orient. Why? How can I fix it?

  74. Help me please! I’ve already tried some files for processing on the kinect, like this one: https://github.com/shiffman/OpenKinect-for-Processing/blob/master/OpenKinect-Processing/examples/Kinect_v1/RGBDepthTest/RGBDepthTest.pde using the model 1414 and they worked perfectly. But for this project i have installed the libraries and run the processing file and it just opens and freezes in the gray window, without showing any real time images. It doesn’t seem to show any errors. What do you think it is?

  75. I know this might a stupid question but I noticed when Opening your Project that I downloaded In this site unity immediately open the “Game” tab and the “Scene” tab is missing I was wandering on how did you do that. Thank you so much on this tutorial reaLly learned a Lot on this experience.

  76. Thank you for your work, your tutorials are very helpful!

    I was wondering if it could be possible to show the panel only when the marker is tracked?

      • Thanks, I’ve managed to find a solution on these forums! But I’m now facing another issue as I have multiple targets. It works great, until I click the camera button and track another target : the share button from the previous track still appear… Is there a way to restart/disable your script while on OnTrackingLost?

      • I ended up duplicating your script and calling the matching canvas for each ImageTarget. I don’t know if it’s the best thing to do but it is working! Sorry for the bother and thanks again for your tutorials!

      • Hi admin!

        After tests on several devices, I am facing few troubles on a tablet using Android 4.4.2 :

        – If I take a screenshot of an ImageTarget and share it right away, my app restart.
        – If I take a screenshot of ImageTarget A without sharing it afterwards and take another one of ImageTarget B right after my app close.

        It is working great on smartphones using Android 4.2.2 and 5.1.1 though, any idea what the problem would be?

  77. Hi,
    I downloaded the script file and loaded it directly in my scene. It didn’t work. Both the buttons and models appear as soon as i enter the play mode.

    Later i also tried changing the names of buttons and models according to what I have named them on my scene. It now shows shows me an error to fix the compiler.

    Could you please guide what all attributes are to be changed before loading the script.


  78. Hi, your tutorials are very helpful great job! Got one question is it possible to take a snapshot with interface graphic elements? In my case the snapshot is working but without augmented layer. I’m working on simple app with OpenCV ForUnity. Maybe I have to change the camera name in your script?
    Thank you and pleas keep your tutorials coming!

  79. Hi,
    I run this code with GY-85 BMP085 sensor. ADXL345 library is in black instead of orange in the program. Also, at the serial monitor, the values does not change and they are always “0.00, 0.00, 92.50”. I don’t understand why it is. I need help 🙁

      • I actually know what your problem is. On my code, ADXL345.h is also black, but it runs just fine. I get the same problem if I move the libraries to a wrong location.
        So to explain, When my code works correctly, I have my main folder labeled “Arduino”. Within that, I have a unique folder for each “.ino” file, labeled the same way as the “.ino” file (minus the .ino) and a folder labeled “libraries”. All of the libraries go in the “libraries” folder, then are saved in another folder titled with the name of that library followed by “_library”. For example, it goes:
        Arduino>libraries>ADXL345_library>”all contents of that library”
        I have the problem where my serial monitor values are always “0.00, 0.00, 92.48” if I move the libraries from the “ADXL345_library” folder to the “libraries” folder.
        I don’t know if that actually makes a difference but if it was the same problem so hopefully this helps you fix it!

  80. Your tutorials are great!
    I learned so much from them. I watched almost all your AR tutorials and executed all the projects!
    I had a lot of fun watching and learning.
    Thanks a lot and keep up the good work.
    Please post more tutorials 🙂

  81. Hello Edgar! Great tutorials!

    Have you tried to play with physics?
    I’m trying to roll a ball when tilting the marker, but have no success 🙁
    Maybe you can suggest something?


  82. It’s an awesome tutorial,but i was undering if it is posible to add adition text to user’s one, for example: he/she wrote: I like this games,and in the end an stabil #CompanyName?

    • Please follow the Augmented Reality Tutorial 14 and instead of character import car from the asset store. Devices: Smartphones/Tablets/PC’s.

  83. Video with a new marker can not be played. The video with the marker provided can be played. Do I need to upgrade to Unity Pro to play the video? Thanks in advance. 🙂

    • No need for Unity3D Pro license, really, it’s possible to make it on your own target just some attention is needed. Did you follow my steps?

  84. I did everything step by step but my videos wont play.
    It shows up but it gives me the x image and when i click on it it gives me the loading image forever.
    How do i get my video to actuall play?

  85. Hello, is this project deployed on desktop version (windows or mac)? if not, do you have any idea how could be this possible? Thanks.

    • I haven’t deployed it anywhere, just tested it out in Unity Play Mode. I’m not sure whether some workaround would work on this project.

  86. Hey i tried doing the same…. but my Unity Crashed when i am trying to add ImageTarget. I am using Unity-5.3.3f personal. Can You tell the version of unity you using. So i can follow your video’s.

  87. thanks for your tutorials
    but i want to ask you…
    is there any way or tutorials for creating 3D objects or coverting 2D images into 3D ?

  88. For any one reading the comments


  89. Hai Admin,,,
    I try processing in Ubuntu but I don’t know how to import library Nyar4PSG,, I try to create and copy in ~/Documents/Processing/libraries but it doesn’t work correctly

  90. Thank you for the tutorial! I am working on a app that is going to be using Text Reco and Cloud Reco. I have a couple questions that I am hoping you could answer. For starters When I run it on unity I the space that can actually read the text is really small and not that forgiving whenever I move the text. I was wondering if you knew of a way to make where it reads the text larger/ more forgiving when the target/Phone moves? Also I was wondering If you knew anything about cloud recognition, I tried using the vuforia tutorials but they are out of date and no longer work and the newest tutorial I can’t seem to figure out either. I’m assuming i’m messing up in some sort of way because when I look online nobody else seems to struggle. Any input would help! especially with the cloud Recognition if you can, thanks!

  91. Hi,


    I am facing issues creating virtual buttons. I’ve followed this video. I am mentioning one video below to illustrate my issues..

    Link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mxD0PiQ28_o


    1. Virtual buttons is not working unless i am focus on to the button.
    2. With out touching button it changing model base on my camera movements .
    3. I changed max simultaneous tracked images 1 to 4 (each separate build in my Android mobile) .
    4. Virtual buttons Sensitivity setting also changed from HIGH to LOW (each separate build in my Android mobile).

    If you want i will send my Unity package file link also.

    Email: eswarkumar.borra@gmail.com

  92. Hi,

    What steps need to be perform if we want a video playback on cylinder target ? I want to see a video, on cylinder like object instead of flat image marker.

    Thank you,

      • I have already achieved to display a video on Image target.

        In Image target case, we upload our marker image to developer portal database, but for this case assume that image marker is a sticker which is attached to bottle. I want to see video as I scan the sticker.

        So, shall I upload that image target as a cylinder target image in developer portal database. ?

        And what would be hierarchy inside unity project ?

        In case of video playback on target image:

        – ImageTargetStones (Parent) contains ImageTargetBehaviour.cs
        – Video (Child of ImageTargetStones) contains VideoPlaybackBehaviour.cs

        What would be hierarchy for diaplaying video on cylinder ?

  93. Hi !
    I did everything like you with Unity 32bit but when I click on start and show the target in front of my webcam, the 3D model doesn’t appear in AR..

    Can you help me ?
    Thank you !

  94. I did everything as per tutorial. However, after pressing play my pc shows a black screen instead of the webcam display

  95. hello,
    thank you for this tutorial.
    i try to this video, but i have a problem.
    Assets/script/SnapshotShare.cs(7,17): error CS0246: The type or namespace name `AndroidUltimatePluginController’ could not be found. Are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?
    this error appear , did you know why ?

  96. Hey.
    nice tutorials. really helped.
    one doubt though. What is the basic difference between markerless and marker based AR. I tried searching it but I’m still confused. In this case if we are adding the image beforehand then how is this markerless AR?
    would really help if you solve my doubt

    • In marker-based tracking we track only black square markers. In markerless solutions we can track image targets, faces, hands, fingers, finger alike objects, bodies, etc.

  97. Great…I need this tutorial thanks a lot.
    Can you give more tutorial to rotate the car with button left and right ?
    i already make the udt but i can’t rotate the object.
    Thanks :)))

  98. Hey i downloaded ur APK for testing it and when i click on the video, it loads for ever, any idea of what im doing wrong or anything?

  99. hello sir, this tutorial is very nice..
    but i want ask the c# code in appcontent..
    did you has update the new c# code in appcontent

  100. Hi, I still don’t know how to install distributed library into the program by using nyar4psg, I have google a lot but I couldn’t find out any thing, could you show me how?, thanks.

    • Hi Kiran,
      Did you find out how to play video continuously when target is moved out of camera’s focus? We would like ideally to use Vuforia to only trigger video player, so it comes out of the image and turning/moving towards the screen finally getting into the place. Once it’s in the place we can touch play button for video to play in the full screen mode. Also would be nice to close finished video and return to the targeting mode to trigger another video from different image. Any help would be greatly appreciated. TIA.

      • Only video preview in full screen mode would not depend on the tracking state.
        About other needs – there is no easy description how to do so, you just need to code, but I don’t think you’ll be able to have some additional buttons (from your side) when the video is in full screen.

  101. Hi Edgaras art,

    thanks a lot for the tutorial. I’m having the same webcam problem, where it seems like you need 32 bit version, on the latest unity version there is no 32 bit version what I could do?

  102. Hi, I followed your tutorial and worked perfect! than you so much for providing this kind of knowledge, I really appreciate it.

    What I would like to ask you, is how can I get the resulted .apk being as light as possible? Could you give me some tips on that?

  103. Hi … wonderful tutorial. However, I followed all of the steps you explained but the camera can not detect the 3D object even on the textured sheet. Can you please help me with that?

    • Hey, i have the same issue. I followed the guide and implemented the app on an nexus 7, but the object can not be detected. I did not do any modifications on the code, so i don’t get it why it is not working.

  104. hi, i followed your tutorial, and i couldn’t find AppManger.cs and SceneViewManager.cs in /Asset of Unity.
    could you tell me how and where can i find it.

  105. J espère que ce projet sera possible sur smartphone et vous créez tout les monstre de yu gi oh car sur l application ( androdisc ) il a été seulement 60 monstre et j espère de savoir comment je peux construire ce demo et merci

  106. Hey please can you tell be how can i put my own video instead of the video in appcontent file. Or how do you convert the video to its meta files.

      • So basically you mean i just have to put my video in the appcontent folder instead of your augmented_reality_technology?
        By doing this can my video play instead of the video provided by you?

  107. I tried it but when i play it through mobile the moment i click on the screen to play the screen goes black…any specific mistake that i am doing ? can you please tell me?

  108. I have tried your tutorial but when I moved the object away from the camera, the interface stays on the screen but in angled position. How do you fixed this? Is this something to do with the script? Please let me know, thanks.

    • Same here! Would love to know how to fix it. So It can only pop up when you point towards the track. Already tried putting the Canvas inside Image Track, and it does not work. Thanks for the tutos!

  109. thank you for your tuorial, it’s very helpful
    i followed your tutorial, but i i’ve an error like this :
    Error attempting to SetHeadsetPresent

    how to fix it ?

  110. Hello , i download the source code and tried running it on my android device . However , onlly 2d ground image is being displayed on tageting at image target . Any clue why that might be happening . Please help soon as possible . Thanks

  111. Hi Edgatas Art,
    First of all thanks for the tutorial series. I have a question that in this case I think that although we are moving the tracking image by our hands but it remains stationary in Unity scene and it seems that the AR Camera is moving.
    What I want is as I move the tracking image by my hands. I want the 3D object placed on the image to move along with it in the 3d space.

    Please help me to figure it out

  112. Hey man, i’ve tried this tutorial and it works, but now i got a problem, the warning says “trackable userdefine lost” and the object doesn’t show up when i click the button.
    can you tell me how to fix this.


  113. Hello Edgaras,
    thank you very much for your tutorials.
    I tried this with my own video and it works perfectly.
    I also changed the orientation of the video by Selecting VIDEO in Hierarchy and changing the X Scale value from 0.1 to -0.1

    I have a problem when I pause the video and play it again: the music start from beginning but the video remain blocked.
    Where is the problem? Maybe because I stream an MP4 video instead of M4V?

    Thank you very much

  114. I am Getting this error
    The type or namespace name `MovieTexture’ could not be found. Are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?

    • Same as here. Im basically new, so I dont understand how the script works. Though when I try playing, it works but, there that error. I cant build it.

  115. Sign me up! We are in awe with this AMAZING project! We are ready to get our hands & minds on it!

    First day of Summer Break, notification popped up for newest demo…my boys dropped EVERYTHING to hover & watch!

    Love it!!

  116. Hello
    I am a fan of your page
    In Tutorial No. 39 you put some jpg images as example .
    How do paragraph colcoar OTHER jpg images is no unity ?
    Put some tried but HE DID NOT accepted


    • hi, I think you could just build .apk file in unity and import it to your device, and install manually. it should work

  117. when i import videoplayback package, i got these error:

    Assets/Common/MenuOptions.cs(10,19): error CS0234: The type or namespace name `UI’ does not exist in the namespace `UnityEngine’. Are you missing an assembly reference?
    Assets/Common/SplashAbout/AsyncSceneLoader.cs(7,19): error CS0234: The type or namespace name `UI’ does not exist in the namespace `UnityEngine’. Are you missing an assembly reference?
    Assets/Common/SplashAbout/LoadingScreen.cs(10,19): error CS0234: The type or namespace name `UI’ does not exist in the namespace `UnityEngine’. Are you missing an assembly reference?

    how to solve it?

  118. I’m just building the unity 3D project on my Samsung and the panel and buttons are not appearing. They appear when I test it using UNITY 3D but not on my phone.
    Do you have any idea of what could it be?

  119. Eres genial, tu contenido es digno de una clase de maestria, este juego esta demasiado bien y tiene mucho potencial de diversas maneras, pero creo que te hace falta el manejo de marketing digital. si necesitas ayuda con eso yo se un poco jejeje, espero que sigas haciendo este tipo de contenidos y espero que tus proyectos sean un exito.

    Saludos desde Colombia.

    • If 3d model are rigged then you can do that with static model (without animation). Head move together with head bone. For all model (parent gameobject) left/right rotation just use one of the rotation methods (RotateAround, eulerAngles). 🙂

  120. please I’m student and starting my GP i need help i wanna know how to start with augmented app with android devices i wanna use android studio , step by step my idea is face tracking too
    can u plz help me ?

  121. I have the same problem as:
    ” I did everything step by step but my videos wont play. It shows up but it gives me the x image and when i click on it it gives me the loading image forever” also I can’t find this file “AppManger.cs”. Any idea I use the latest unity and Vuforia plugins

  122. I noticed there were questions on the videos being inverted upon tests. Mine is doing the same. I have tried all suggested. Can any help regarding where the proper axis change is made?

    Current setting for ImageTarget is: X -0.1 Y 0.1 Z 0.1

    Thanks in advance.

  123. hi, thanks for your tutorials. These tutorials are great help for beginners.
    I’m facing a small problem please guide me through, when i press arrow keys player animate perfectly and rotate also but didn’t move physically on plane, animate only on fix point.. Thanks in advance 🙂

  124. Your website is awesome. I discovered it like several months ago, but always thought that this requirement of having a target image is somewhat cumbersome. Thank you very much, sir!

  125. I ‘ve tried to make video playback like this. but the unity said that “IsampleAppUIEventHandler” cannot be found. it’s because I dont have that file in my project. so where I can get that file ???

  126. Hello, i`m from Brazil Manaus,

    FIRST congratulate BY ITS TUTORIALS this note 1000, I’ve been doing this now put in my Unity 32 and 64-bit generate an error when starting the camera , already put the api key editor and still generate an error with the name.

    DllNotFoundException : KudanPlugin
    Kudan.AR.TrackerWindows.StopInput ( ) (at Assets / KudanAR / Scripts / Classes / TrackerWindows.cs : 96)
    Kudan.AR.KudanTracker.OnDestroy ( ) (at Assets / KudanAR / Scripts / Components / KudanTracker.cs : 438 )

    if possible send a help in the email would be very grateful

  127. excuse me, I don’t know why my bullet will fly disorderly when I change the AR camera(use the card let virtual thing appear) and image target.


  129. Hello,

    Thanks a lot for such useful and detail instructions! I’m just starting exploring how to create AR with Vuforia and Unity. And these tutorials definitely come in handy 🙂

    I tried to follow this tutorial. But unfortunately there no such property for a button (like in your video 7:11). Here’s a screenshot what I see: http://prntscr.com/c5cqi4 . There is no init() function. I tried to use start() instead but it didn’t generate that 2nd script where you change some code (from private function to public).

    I’m using Unity 5.4.0 and Vuforia 6 (tested on v5 as well).

    Can you please explain me what I’m doing wrong and how to fix it? Thank you so much in advance! Hope you’ll find time to answer.
    Keep up doing awesome things! 😉

    Best regards,

  130. This video is so amazing!
    I want to know how to do that. Can you send me source code or tutorial of this project.
    Thank you!

  131. hello guys

    great work you,
    excuse me, when the truth will raise the tutorial interested me too , and I want to learn more about the RA


  132. can you help me

    Failed to load ‘Assets/KudanAR/Plugins/x86_64/KudanPlugin.dll’ with error ‘操作成功完成。
    ‘, GetDllDirectory returned ”. If GetDllDirectory returned non empty path, check that you’re using SetDirectoryDll correctly.
    Kudan.AR.KudanTracker:GetPlugin() (at Assets/KudanAR/Scripts/Components/KudanTracker.cs:203)
    Kudan.AR.KudanTracker:GetPlugin() (at Assets/KudanAR/Scripts/Components/KudanTracker.cs:196)
    Kudan.AR.KudanTracker:Start() (at Assets/KudanAR/Scripts/Components/KudanTracker.cs:220)

  133. hi, may i know how caracter look each other? are you using LookAt in unity or what? becouse i want my caracter look each other , but still not found how.

  134. Hi There, I am playing around with this and am wanting to have 5 pages instead of 3. For some reason when I add two more pages, the swipeimage script seems to malfunction, not allowing me to swipe at all. Any thoughts? I adjusted all the parameters I could think of to account for the new pages but I didn’t mess with the script at all. Would it need modification? It didn’t seem like it should…

  135. hey, thanks for the tutorial…but the share button does nothing and all the other buttons work. I bought the plugin and followed the tutorial, is there a permission I should be adding or something has changed?

  136. I have followed the instruction as above. However the plane could not automatically disappear unless I clicked it. After I click to disappear the plane, the cube or sphere is not appear. Please give some advice.
    I am using Unity 5.2 and vuforia SDK 5.5.9 .

  137. Hi Edgaras, I’m very interested your ar technique like in video, if possible could you make a tutorial or share some information that i can lookup about this.
    I also in area of unity could you tell me how that you convert 2d coloring texture to map on the 3d model. please!
    thank you!

  138. Hi Edgaras, I’m very interested your ar technique like in video, if possible could you make a tutorial or share some information that i can lookup about this.
    I also in area of unity could you tell me how that you convert 2d coloring texture to map on the 3d model. please!
    thank you!

  139. When i scan a plan using camera and loading bar, model is getting loaded in another plane. Is there anything i would have missed or got messed up? I followed your tutorial clearly!

  140. Hi Edgaras,

    I follow your tutorials and they are great.
    I have a problem.
    I am using unity and vuforia (user defined target).
    I am recognizing objects as targets (followed this tutorial), but my virtual 3D object and canvas are unstable, and the extended tracking doesn’t work like in image targets.
    Have some experience with this, does this happened to you sometime.
    I will explain, I have a sculpture to recognize, and I tried AR-Media object scaning solution, but is the app becomes slow and also unstable, that is why I am using user defined targets to overcome my problems with object recognition.

  141. why my appmanager.cs got error

    public string TitleForAboutPage = “About”;
    public ISampleAppUIEventHandler m_UIEventHandler; (The type or namespace name ‘ISampleAppUIEventHandler’ could not be found)

    public static ViewType mActiveViewType;


    private SplashScreenView mSplashView;
    private AboutScreenView mAboutView;
    private float mSecondsVisible = 4.0f;

    //This gets called from SceneManager’s Start()
    public virtual void InitManager()
    mSplashView = new SplashScreenView();
    mAboutView = new AboutScreenView();
    mAboutView.OnStartButtonTapped += OnAboutStartButtonTapped;
    m_UIEventHandler.CloseView += OnTappedOnCloseButton;
    m_UIEventHandler.GoToAboutPage += OnTappedOnGoToAboutPage;
    InputController.SingleTapped += OnSingleTapped;
    InputController.DoubleTapped += OnDoubleTapped;
    InputController.BackButtonTapped += OnBackButtonTapped;

    mActiveViewType = ViewType.SPLASHVIEW;

    public virtual void DeInitManager()
    // mSplashView.UnLoadView();
    // mAboutView.UnLoadView();
    // m_UIEventHandler.CloseView -= OnAboutStartButtonTapped;
    // m_UIEventHandler.GoToAboutPage -= OnTappedOnGoToAboutPage;
    InputController.SingleTapped -= OnSingleTapped;
    InputController.DoubleTapped -= OnDoubleTapped;
    InputController.BackButtonTapped -= OnBackButtonTapped;


    public virtual void UpdateManager()
    //Does nothing but anyone extending AppManager can run their update calls here

    public virtual void Draw()
    switch (mActiveViewType)
    case ViewType.SPLASHVIEW:
    // mSplashView.UpdateUI(true);

    case ViewType.ABOUTVIEW:

    case ViewType.UIVIEW:

    case ViewType.ARCAMERAVIEW:




    private void OnSingleTapped()
    if (mActiveViewType == ViewType.ARCAMERAVIEW)
    // trigger focus once

    private void OnDoubleTapped()
    if (mActiveViewType == ViewType.ARCAMERAVIEW)
    mActiveViewType = ViewType.UIVIEW;

    private void OnTappedOnGoToAboutPage()
    mActiveViewType = ViewType.ABOUTVIEW;

    private void OnBackButtonTapped()
    if (mActiveViewType == ViewType.ABOUTVIEW)
    else if (mActiveViewType == ViewType.UIVIEW) //Hide UIMenu and Show ARCameraView
    mActiveViewType = ViewType.ARCAMERAVIEW;
    else if (mActiveViewType == ViewType.ARCAMERAVIEW) //if it’s in ARCameraView
    mActiveViewType = ViewType.ABOUTVIEW;


    private void OnTappedOnCloseButton()
    mActiveViewType = ViewType.ARCAMERAVIEW;

    private void OnAboutStartButtonTapped()
    mActiveViewType = ViewType.ARCAMERAVIEW;

    private IEnumerator LoadAboutPageForFirstTime()
    yield return new WaitForSeconds(mSecondsVisible);
    mActiveViewType = ViewType.ABOUTVIEW;
    yield return null;
    #endregion PRIVATE_METHODS

    someone help me

  142. I am running NyAR4psg/3.0.5;NyARToolkit/5.0.9 in processing 2.2.1 with a Microsoft LifeCam HD-5000 on windows 7. When I run simpleLite, the background (camera) image appears only in the upper right corner of the window. It shows the lower left of the camera view. If the background image was correct the tracking appears to be correct. I looked in the reference material and found public void drawBackground (processing.core.PImage i_img)

    This function draws the PImage to the background. PImage draws in part of farclip surface +1.
    This function is equivalent to the following code.
    PMatrix3D Om = New PMatrix3D (((PGrapPGraphicsOpenGLhics3D) G) .Projection);
    SetBackgroundOrtho (Img.Width, Img.Height)
    pushMatrix ();
    ResetMatrix ();
    Translate (0, 0, – (Far * 0.99F));
    Image (img, -Width / 2, -Height / 2);
    popMatrix ();
    SetPerspective (Om);

    My approach was to sub this code in for the line “nya.drawBackground(cam);” then mess with the translate to correct the issue. But I get a “syntax error, maybe a missing semicolon?” – I added a semi-colon to the end of the second line SetBackgroundOrtho (Img.Width, Img.Height); and It still hangs on the first line with the same error.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  143. Hi,
    Please help me.
    I downloded the Augmented Reality Vespa User Interface – Mimic No. 1.. Really this is only interface. So I don’t test the projekt.
    Where can I download the motor image?

  144. Hi, i need to know if i have to buy a 3d sensor camera for built a game with smart terrain or i can use the traditional camera of my smartphone? Thank you

  145. Hello, interactive tutorial series can be a video presentation, charges can only look at some places don’t know much about the project

  146. Hello Team,

    Thank you for providing this nice platform, We are looking for a really good developer who can develop this paint functionality for us, We are already working on our product and need to integrate that part in it ( we are using Unity3D, Vuforia, C#).

    The basic requirement, app should recognize/read the colors from the marker and apply it on the model itself.

    Looking forward to hear from you soon.


    P.S. I’ll be submitting few cool AR demos to this site, very soon 🙂

  147. Hi, thanks for the tutorial!

    I’m having an issue with the screenshot aspect ratio. When I take a screenshot (in landscape or portrait mode), the image comes out vertically stretched (or horizontally squished). I tested it in 3 android devices, same in all 3. The images come out normal when i take a screenshot in unity on my mac.

    After a lot of research, I still can’t figure out the cause.
    Do you have any suggestions?

    Thank you

  148. Hi hello good day, 🙂

    Thank you so much for the tutorial! Really appreciated it. 🙂
    But anyway, do you have any idea on how to reset the distance value once it is on “OnTrackingLost”?
    Cause everytime I need separate it first(during scan the object), then the particles effects will be destroyed.
    Or else, it will still remain on top of Image Target when I scan for the second round even I didn’t connect the paper.

    I would be greatly appreciated if anyone could help with this problem. Thank you! :)

    • When I scan only one part of the image alone for the second round, the particles still sticks to the image even I didn’t pair up with another image target.

      I’ve tried few solutions, but it seems too many errors come out,

      One of it, I tried put parts of these inside OnTrackingLost() section,

      string NameTarget = “imageTarget_” + mTrackableBehaviour.TrackableName;
      GameObject target = GameObject.Find (NameTarget);

      transform.position=new Vector3(0,0,0);

      in order to reposition the sphere back to normal position when tracking lost, but it seems like not working cause I’m not pretty good in c# coding,

  149. Hi
    Can I use this solution in android apps?
    Can MS Kinect drivers works on android with phone camera?
    Did You test it?

    Thanks for the answer a lot.

  150. Hey Guys, i have used your tutorial to make the simple video playback app, and its working great, i just want to know, how we can change size of video appearing after tracking the image target ?
    Please i need help

  151. Hi,

    Thanks for the tutorial, you make really easy tutorials.

    1 question: with the current script, none of the UI element gets visible on the screenshot.

    Is it possible to get a logo/Signature on the top left of the screen, so that that also gets displayed in the screenshot?

    I tried but was unable to find success

  152. Hello, I have follow all the tutorial properly, but when I connect my laptop to kinect, the picture won’t open. I don’t know what happen, do you know to solve this problem?

  153. Hello! Great tutorial, but when copy SnapShot.cs

    CS0246 C# The type or namespace name “AndroidUltimatePluginController” could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

    What to do now?

  154. is this possible to making augmented reality based android application in processing 3 ? if this possible then how to do this?