[EXPO] Augmented Reality Exhibition – Paparmali Safari Animals – Litexpo Book Exhibition 2016 (Lithuania)

Augmented Reality Exhibition

This Augmented Reality Exhibition took place in Litexpo “Book Fair” 2016 (Vilnius, Lithuania). A fun way to use Augmented Reality technology in the public and a cool way to promote what you’re offering. In this case, Augmented Reality books.

Want to have some pretty cool Augmented Reality reality books for your kids? Order it here. Under the brand name of Paparmali there are two books on the market right now:

  1. Safari Animals (in Lithuanian language Afrikos gyvūnai)
  2. World of Fairytales (in Lithuanian language Pasaulio pasakos)

The Animals of Africa is a special book. It can come to life not only in imagination but reality as well! If you point your smart device to the page of your interest, the animals will become alive on the screen of your phone or tablet. So, for children, it not only will be interesting to hear the most unexpected facts about animals they love, but also to play with them!

Tales of the World is an ideal educational tool for today’s children. It combines everything that children are currently interested in: fairy tales and modern technologies. You can read this book as an ordinary tale. But once the child, for whom it is difficult to get away from tablets or smartphones, has grown somewhat, he can return to the world full of wonders by reliving them using the augmented reality scenarios. Just point your mobile device to the book for the stories come alive instantly!

You can find the apps itself on Google Play 1 and 2 also on App Store 1 and 2.

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