Fragments of Future Augmented Reality Book – Future Miracles – Paparmali

Future Miracles – Future Augmented Reality Book you have always dreamed about.

Augmented Reality Books about Ancient World, Space, Bugs and Dinosaurs!

It can come to life not only in imagination but reality as well! If you point your mobile device to the page of your interest, the animals will become alive on the screen of your phone or tablet. So, for children, it not only will be interesting to hear the most unexpected facts, but also to play with them!

This is an ideal and reliable method to interest the contemporary young generation with wonders of the nature. Those who are no longer interested in books will find the possibility to make the book’s main heroes alive through mobile technologies.

7 Responses

  1. Hi,
    I would like to do an AR Tourism Booklet something similar to the video.

    Can I import my own 3D models? Because I have my own customised buildings and characters so is it possible to import them?

    If yes which format should I save for? .FBX ? I use Autodesk Maya .

    Do you sale a plugin or something to make this task easier?