Augmented Reality Tutorial No. 15: Augmented Reality using Unity3D, Vuforia and Arduino (part 2)

Augmented Reality Interaction using Arduino and Photoresistor

In this Augmented Reality Interaction tutorial Arduino microcontroller and photoresistor measurements were used to manipulate fire of the 3D character Unity-Chan in Unity3D environment using Vuforia. The more photoresistor is covered with a finger the bigger the fire gets.

Download # Extract Previous Augmented Reality Unity3D project files (*.rar file)

Part 1 of the project available here

Download # Arduino code to read data from Photoresistor (*.ino file)

Download # Unity3D C# code to read data from Arduino (fire.cs) (*.cs file)

Download # Image of flames (*.jpg file)

Download # Print this image to augment the content (*.jpg file)

Download # Final result of this project (*.rar file)

Vuforia is an Augmented Reality Software Development Kit (SDK) for mobile devices that enables the creation of Augmented Reality applications. It uses Computer Vision technology to recognize and track planar images (Image Targets) and simple 3D objects, such as boxes, in real-time.

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5 Responses

  1. Haii .. Thank you so much for this awesome tutorial . By the way, can a particle system be controlled by our 3d object instead of using arduino ? For example, when i click 3d object such as factory, the particle system for an example, smog will emitted.. im trying to make an interaction with my AR project. Really hope you can help me, tho. thank you.

  2. Hi there,
    First of all i want to thank you for publishing great tutorials. My question is: How can i establish the data transfer between arduino and an android device instead of the computer so that the arduion device can intrepret the data coming from the arduino(via bluetooth or wifi) and manipulate the AR model? maybe it would be too complicated to explain it here but do you know any tutorials or sources i can use. Thanks a lot.