[Demo] Augmented Reality Face Tracking using Mobile Devices

Augmented Reality Face Tracking using Mobile Devices:

You can get 3D models used in the DEMO video from here:


Youtube video:


  • You can try out Android App!
  • 45  models (masks/hats/glasses)
  • Works on mobile platforms Android and iOS.
  • Works on Windows (PC).
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20 Responses

    • Just checked on Windows Unity3D 2018.1.0 – works fine. Sure, it can be used for commercial purposes, just keep in mind, that you need to buy license, if you want to eliminate XZIMG watermark.

  1. Hi, I’m interested in what you have developed here, facial tracking. I would like to buy this project in unity to adapt it to what I really need. I do not see the price of that here, do you sell it?

  2. Hello. I want to ask is that possible to create this application by using free version for learning purpose? I tried to built in android but it does’t works, it comes error. I looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you very much!

    • Hi. What you see here is a free version. Hard to tell you the cause roots of what is not working properly from your side, but I can assure you that this project works great and you will receive the support from me if you buy this AR project.