Unity 3D & Vuforia – Character Follow Target [1] – Part 2

In this tutorial character follows camera. Character turns to the direction you’re moving with camera.  It is really like mimicking one of the popular Augmented Reality game which is called Paparazzi available on Google Play.

Some background on Paparazzi:

Qualcomm’s No.1 rated Augmented Reality game.
You will become a paparazzi, who has to make money by taking pictures of the celebrity trapped in Augmented Reality world. As we all know celebrities hate paparazzies, so as you get closer and snap more pictures of this superstar, he will become angry and he will try to break your camera. When he is really pissed off he will even jump on your phone. The only thing you can do then is try to shake him off, otherwise your camera will be damaged…and cameras cost a lot of money!

– Find one dollar bill or download and print the marker from: http://pixel-punch.com/paparazzi
– Make sure your marker/dollar bill is flat
– Start the game and point the camera of your phone at the marker or gray side of one dollar bill
– Enjoy it!

Paparazzi stands out of other AR applications:
1) In most of other AR games the virtual reality doesn’t react to the Player – you can only observe it. Paparazzi takes it to another level – the virtual celebrity reacts to your actions and can even hold on your phone.
2) In most of other AR games once you take your camera off the marker the virtual reality is lost. Paparazzi splits gameplay into on-marker and off-marker experience, this way extending the boundaries of Augmented Reality world.

2 Responses

    • If 3d model are rigged then you can do that with static model (without animation). Head move together with head bone. For all model (parent gameobject) left/right rotation just use one of the rotation methods (RotateAround, eulerAngles). 🙂