Augmented Reality Tutorial No. 3: Adding Textures on 3D Models for Proper Augmentation

Augmented Reality Marker Tracking

In this Augmented Reality Marker Tracking tutorial texture is added on 3D object using 3Ds Max. After that model is exported to *.OBJ file extension and used in Processing for Augmented Reality example.

Download # 3Ds Max Box Model (*.max file)

Download # Don’t Forget Box Models’ Texture! (*.jpg file)

Download # Finally Augmented Reality Result using Processing Programming Language (*.rar file)

Download # Hiro Marker (*.pdf file)

(Processing software itself is available to download here)

Download # Newest nyar4psg 2.0.0 library for Augmented Reality (*.rar file)

NOTE: Extract library and put nyar4psg folder to Processing libraries location as you can see in example here: “C:\Users\EdgarasArt\Documents\Processing\libraries”. If there are no libraries folder in Processing folder (in My Documents) – create it!

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