Augmented Reality Tutorial No. 44: Kudan SLAM Similar Technique Used in Pokemon Go

This is Augmented Reality Kudan plugin tutorial, in which we experiment with image tracking and SLAM technique, in which no image target is used. In general, SLAM is the technique that analyzes the environment itself and using some usefull features from the environment it can estimate user device orietation and position. In respect to that, virtual content is represented.

Download Newest version oUnity3D 64 bit (this is important) is available from here

Download # Download and Import  Kudan plugin 1.2.2 for Unity (KudanARUnity) (*.unitypackage file)

Unity3D extension is also available to download from here (there might be even a newer version)

Download # Print/Use Stones Image Tracker (*.jpg file)

Download # You Can Create Tracker using this Windows Toolkit from Kudan (*.exe file)

Download # You Can Use Already Created Tracker Based on Windows Toolkit (*.KARMarker file)

Download # C# enabled.cs code (*.cs file)

Download # Download Whole Augmented Reality Kudan Tutorial Project Files (the result to test it) (*.rar file)

Download # You can also try the app on your Android device (*.apk file)





24 Responses

  1. Your website is awesome. I discovered it like several months ago, but always thought that this requirement of having a target image is somewhat cumbersome. Thank you very much, sir!

  2. Hello, i`m from Brazil Manaus,

    FIRST congratulate BY ITS TUTORIALS this note 1000, I’ve been doing this now put in my Unity 32 and 64-bit generate an error when starting the camera , already put the api key editor and still generate an error with the name.

    DllNotFoundException : KudanPlugin
    Kudan.AR.TrackerWindows.StopInput ( ) (at Assets / KudanAR / Scripts / Classes / TrackerWindows.cs : 96)
    Kudan.AR.KudanTracker.OnDestroy ( ) (at Assets / KudanAR / Scripts / Components / KudanTracker.cs : 438 )

    if possible send a help in the email would be very grateful

  3. can you help me

    Failed to load ‘Assets/KudanAR/Plugins/x86_64/KudanPlugin.dll’ with error ‘操作成功完成。
    ‘, GetDllDirectory returned ”. If GetDllDirectory returned non empty path, check that you’re using SetDirectoryDll correctly.
    Kudan.AR.KudanTracker:GetPlugin() (at Assets/KudanAR/Scripts/Components/KudanTracker.cs:203)
    Kudan.AR.KudanTracker:GetPlugin() (at Assets/KudanAR/Scripts/Components/KudanTracker.cs:196)
    Kudan.AR.KudanTracker:Start() (at Assets/KudanAR/Scripts/Components/KudanTracker.cs:220)

  4. You’ll have to add that function by yourself. If the model is floating in air, maybe your device don’t have a gyroscope?