[Ultimate Project – Demo] Spherical Form Interaction Device

Prototype of Spherical Form Interaction Device

Interaction Device Main Application Fields by Priority:

  1. Augmented Reality Technology – Interaction Device for Virtual Content Manipulation.
  2. Gaming Device for RPG Games on PC Platform.
  3. Analog of Mouse – Control Mouse Cursor in Air.
  4. Drone Controller.

Interaction Device Specifications:

  • Reacts to Motion in Every Direction (Sensors: Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer).
  • No Surfaces Necessary.
  • Wireless Bluetooth Connection.
  • Weight: 80-90 g.
  • Diameter: ~6 cm.
  • Material: 3D Printer Plastic.
  • Single Tap, Double Tap and Freefall Detection Capabilities.
  • Rechargeable Li-Po.

Prototypes of Spherical Form Interaction Devices:


Overall there are 6 different prototype versions.

Let’s begin!

1st Video – Application in Augmented Reality field (part 1).

2nd Video – Application in Augmented Reality field (part 2).

3rd Video – Inertial Mouse Application.

4th Video – Game Controller Application.

5th Video – Prototype Versions.


6th Video – Application as Drone Controller.

[drone needed]

I would like to express my gratitude to my friend jeebs (ekjeebs@gmail.com) who helped me with a model of this awesome 3D sphere. 

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  1. Sign me up! We are in awe with this AMAZING project! We are ready to get our hands & minds on it!

    First day of Summer Break, notification popped up for newest demo…my boys dropped EVERYTHING to hover & watch!

    Love it!!