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Augmented Reality Technology Tutorials

Augmented Reality Technology demonstrations are presented in the video below. Basically all the things you can do with Augmented Reality Tutorials on this website in one video.

You can join Augmented Reality Youtube Channel here.

From this point lots of other great tutorials appeared.

Augmented Reality – computer generated virtual content that is represented into real life using devices that have cameras. Virtual content in this case:

  • 3D models/objects
  • Video material
  • Pictures
  • Text
  • Music

Main Augmented Reality research directions:

  • Tracking techniques
  • Interaction techniques
  • Hardware improvements

Main aspects of tracking techniques:

  • Accurate position estimation
  • Accurate orientation estimation
  • It doesn’t matter what method we use, the position and orientation information is the most important, fundamental thing.

In general, computer vision methods tries to solve the following problems:

  • Object separation from chaotic environment
  • Tracking different scale object in images
  • Object detection and tracking in the presence of occlusions
  • Tracking differently oriented object in images
  • Tracking object in various illumination conditions

Limitless application fields.

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