Mimic 11 – Augmented Reality Face Tracking for Mobile Devices – Create Your Own Snapchat App (Unity3D)


You can try out Android App before you buy!

Project works on Android, iOS and Windows (PC).

45  models (masks/hats/glasses) are included.

Note: it is 3D models.

Create your own Snapchat App!

The price is for the project itself, not a license to eliminate XZIMG logo. If you want to remove the XZIMG logo, you need to buy license from here.


  • Unity3D 64bit 5.6.1


  • Unity3D 2018.2.4 version



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2 Responses

    • Hello, yes it does, the scene and documentation is provided within the project. Also, If you purchase it, I will provide an update of this project for a recent Unity3D 2019.1.x (or above) version within a week.