Augmented Reality Tutorial No. 11: Augmented Reality using BuildAR

Augmented Reality using BuildAR

This is a Simple Augmented Reality using BuildAR Tutorial. It’s Easy to Understand and Use for Non-Developers. You can Easily Make Augmented Reality Newspapers, Books, Journals, etc.

Since this tutorial was posted, a lot have changed from build AR side, but you can still accomplish this tutorial successfully. Check out their website.

Launched in 2009, buildAR was the world’s first AR Content Management System (AR-CMS). The first version launched as a test to see if people were interested in being able to create their own augmented experiences. It turned out you were! So then we got busy developing a production version and officially launched the new and improved build AR at the Augmented Reality Event in Silicon Valley in May 2011.

Download # Build AR software (download and install) (*.exe file)

BuildAR also available to download from here

Download #  Trackers (images) and content used in video tutorial (*.rar file)

Download #  Download and print these images  (*.rar file)

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