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  1. I would like to thank this service for a great product!

    We bought and are very satisfied with the source code, there is all the necessary functionality, all that we need.
    Watched a bunch of tutorials on YouTube, tortured standard packages, combined, spent a lot of time.
    Incidentally exile on this service we on YouTube and found.
    And here is ready with all the necessary functionality, even more than we need, we have already redone everything for themselves.

    Play Market is already checking our release.

    Support at a high level, if it is not clear how and what, you will be prompted where.
    We bought the Assembly paramali 2 and while remaking it for themselves, we were sent an update paramali 3 without surcharge.

    If gnawing doubt whether it is worth it-believe me, it is worth all the money spent on this source code, because it saves a lot of time.

    Thank you Edgaras Art for awesome Assembly!

  2. Hi
    i would like to have the code source of AR Vuforia Cloud Recognition, how to get it?
    Sorry, i am frech speaker an dlive in Africa