Mimic 1 – Augmented Reality User Interface


Requires Vuforia 6.0.117 or higher and Unity3D 32/64 bit 5.3.4 or higher.
Test this solution on exported Android App app before you buy.

Tracker image available from here.
Everything should work 1 to 1 as shown in this video.

Start the scene provided in the asset and enjoy the solution.

Using this Augmented reality project you will be able to:
a) Change motorcycle color.
b) Rotate the motorcycle (to the left/right).
c) Change the scale (increase/decrease).
d) Take a test drive: turn left/right; change to other model for preview mode; drive forward.

Main buttons “Customize the body color”, “Take a test drive” and “Manipulate” are animated and slides from bottom to top and vice versa, if main buttons are touched again.

If you would like to modify in some ways the code you should dive into these scripts:
– manipulateModel.cs (for color, rotation, scale changes);
– menuNavigation.cs (for button animations);
– ModelMovement.cs (for motorcycle movement in the environment) scripts.

More thorough explanations are provided in project documentation.
For more info contact here.
Related info to this project available here.
Augmented reality tutorials available here.

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Mimic 1 – Augmented Reality User Interface.