Mimic 4 – Augmented Reality Puzzard AR App


Requires Vuforia 6.1.17 or higher and Unity3D 32/64 bit 5.3.4 or higher.

Get it on Google Play (or Android App directly. You can download the Cards to test the app.
This is an Augmented Reality Puzzle-Card game in which you can interact with the content by adding cards on the table and pointing mobile device camera to it.

Adapt some approaches to your own needs. Application fields: Augmented reality card games, Augmented reality books, Augmented reality games in general.

Different card colors holds different scenarios. Currently the following scenarios are available in the project:

1. Green border color cards for musical instruments scenario. It activates different instrument sounds with special effects. It allows to mix the music tracks.

2. Black border color cards for car scenario.
You can make the following car changes: disassembly, paint it with buckets, turn on lights, rotate and scale it!

3. Blue border color cards for robot-sword scenario. Each sword has special ability when it touches the robot: changes to other robot, triggers animations or explodes some parts of the robot.

4. Cyan border color cards for sci-fi characters fight scenes. Each character can be interacted alone by touching it. Fight scene activates when 2 cards get closer.

5. Orange border color cards for toon shark scenario. Toon shark swims to appeared portal and can break the glass of your mobile device!

6. Yellow border color cards for domestic animals: horse, cow, pig, donkey, hen&chickens, dog. Animals can walk around in the pointed augmented reality environment. By touching an animal you can interact with him!

7. Red border color card for naughts and crosses game scenario. Point the appeared circle long enough into the plane part where you want to put the “X”. After winning you will get a price!
Description available within the project!

After you buy and download the asset please be patient while it imports the asset. It might take a while.

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Mimic 4 – Augmented Reality Puzzard AR App