Mimic 3 – Augmented Reality Coloring App (Live Texturing)


This is Augmented Reality Coloring App demo that requires:
– Unity3D 2018.3.14.
– Vuforia 8.1.10.
– Works on iOS and Unity Editor Play Mode.

Test this solution on exported Android Coloring App before you buy.

Tracker images available from here: BearEarth and Duck.

You will be able to point your mobile device camera to colored image target so the 3D bear, duck or world would have the same colors as drawing in real-time. Nowadays it’s a pretty popular AR solution for kids. Expand your own project and enjoy!

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Mimic 3 – Augmented Reality Coloring App

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  1. «Since 8.1.7 Vuforia version Android platform introduces a bug that causes each model/texture to be red – fix in progress… »

    Fix in progress?