Augmented Reality Tutorial No. 12: Augmented Reality using AR-media plugin

Augmented Reality ARmedia plugin

This is a simple Augmented Reality using ARmedia plugin Tutorial. It’s marker-based example augmenting 3D money, 3D character, 3D mechanical parts, etc. 

With AR-media™ Plugin, Autodesk® 3ds Max® users can experiment with the power of Augmented Reality inside their preferred 3d modeling software. Simply stated, the Augmented Reality technology allows users to visualize their 3D creations directly in the real physical space which surrounds them.

Download # AR-Media plugin (download and install) (*.exe file)

AR-Media plugin also available to download from here

3D Studio Max 2015 available to download from here

Download # Download 3D models used in video tutorial below (*.rar file)

Download # AR-Media Marker (*.pdf file)

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