Augmented Reality Virtual Room

Currently MEMS/MARG sensors, such as accelerometers, gyroscopes and magnetometers are the dominant sensors in mobile devices. The market of mobile devices is constantly expanding and focused in sensor integration process by adding supplementary functionality for the applications, therefore it is possible to adapt these sensors for augmented reality technology solutions.

Many augmented reality solutions are based on computer vision processing methods in order to identify and track markers or other objects. However, the main problem is chaotic environment, lighting conditions where object recognition and tracking in real-time becomes difficult and sometimes impossible process. MEMS sensor application possibilities and quaternion use for sensor data are analyzed, in order to estimate reliable and accurate camera orientation and represent virtual content in augmented reality technology.

Even though in this case we have virtual room, the same way we can use the content in augmented reality environment and look around it without using Computer Vision methods.

Download # MPU-9150 MARG Sensor Library for Arduino  (*.rar file)

Download # Arduino Code (*.ino file)

Download # Processing Software from here

Download # Processing Code (*.rar (archived *.pde file and content files))

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