Augmented Reality Tutorial No. 8: Interaction in Augmented Reality using Leap Motion

Augmented Reality Leap Motion

In this Augmented Reality Leap Motion tutorial Leap Motion is used to interact with virtual content by changing its orientation and scale with hand and fingers. The information this interaction device provides are really detailed, fast and accurate (position, velocity, acceleration). Only a small fraction of possibilities are shown in this tutorial.

Download # Processing Code (*.rar file)

Download # Hiro Marker (*.pdf file)

(Processing software itself is available to download here)

Download # Newest nyar4psg 2.0.0 library for Augmented Reality (*.rar file)

NOTE: Extract library and put nyar4psg folder to Processing libraries location as you can see in example here: “C:UsersEdgarasArtDocumentsProcessinglibraries”. If there are no libraries folder in Processing folder (in My Documents) – create it!

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