B.I.G. Augmented Community

My B.I.G. and Project to be shown at #SXSWedu and #BettAsia in the coming weeks in a series of #augmentedlearning design contests and presentations. Augmented Reality Community Art Space is remade into a book. The contents of this book contain the hopes, wishes, goals, and dreams of students to strive for during college life. It of course contains words and musings of students in the form of written words. The describe career aspirations, social hopes, and life long dreams. But with the help of augmented reality, this book also contains these ideas in video and spoken word. Using a smartphone application called Arientation, those videos and other digital media has been connected to the images of playing cards printed in this book. To access the experience, you will need to. 1. Download the application ‘ARientation’ 2. Start the application and load the project ‘Before I Graduate 2017’ 3. View the various play card images through the application The goal of this project is to create a deeper sense of community with classmates by sharing our hopes, goals, and dreams for college life. The project is in a series of other projects related to augmented reality and its use in teaching, learning, and tourism. The technology is based on an AR platform designed by me (Eric Hawkinson) and my fellow researchers/developers in the Mixed, Augmented, and Virtual Realities in Learning research group (#MAVR) based in Japan. The platform itself is called ARientation and started as a way to connect supplementary digital materials to physical textbooks, but later was expanded into various mixed reality learning environments such as libraries, tours, and events. More about the concept at http://erichawkinson.com Buy the book on amazon also – https://www.amazon.com/Before-Graduate-Project…/…/198525042X